In the past three years I have recorded over 400 performances of classical music, including solo instruments of all different types, varied chamber music ensembles, choirs, opera and symphony orchestras. Through this invaluable practical experience gained at Indiana University and my perspective as a violinist, I have become the first choice for many musicians looking for professional recordings with highest video and audio quality that approaches recording through the eyes and ears of a musician.

From my early studies on through my professional career as a violinist I have always had a great interest in recording arts. How does one obtain a beautiful and close-to-reality tone and image? This question has always intrigued me, as a performer, as well as a recording artist.

During my studies for a Master's program in the studio of Mauricio Fuks, I had the unique opportunity to broaden my recording skills in the varied acoustics of many different halls, while getting acquainted with state of the art recording equipment. I would keep improving my own equipment to the point where I now have an excellent set for any combination of instruments and/or voice.

I am currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, where I combine recording with my activities as a freelance violinist and a teacher.