"In addition to being a fabulous violinist himself, Willy has proved to be a talented recording artist. He has recorded my solo and quartet performances for many years at Indiana and he was always my first choice. Working with him was so effortless and efficient. His great ears and his attention to detail makes him the absolute best at his job. I will never forget our years of working together and I hope all of you get the chance to work with this exceptional musician and artist."


Jenna Barghouti, Violinist, Houston Symphony Orchestra



"Willy is not only a great sound engineer and musician, but an unbelievably kind, helpful person. It is always a joy to work with him. He has a great eye for detail and always gets beautiful results."


Justin Bartlett, Pianist




"Willy is one of the most sought-after sound engineers at Indiana University. Not only is he knowledgeable and experienced with recording, he really cares and respects his clients, gives them ample time and suggestions, for optimum outcome. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a recording engineer."


Joni Chan, Doctor of Music - Pianist 




"Willy was fantastic. When I contacted him, I was in a bind and stressed out. He completely put my mind at ease by being prompt, professional and prepared. I have never had good video recording experiences before, so I expected to just take away audio from my recital. Willy completely changed my mind, and the video was beyond any and all my expectations -focussed, clear, and just as good as the audio. He was very quick on the turn around. I am so sad he's left Bloomington because otherwise I would be hiring him right now to record my next recital! Indiana University's loss is Switzerland's gain.


Liz McConnaughey,  Soprano




"I worked with Willy on a number of projects, both as a soloist and as part of a chamber music ensemble. I was always thrilled with his professionalism, reliability, and, of course, with the quality of his work. The most ambitious project we did was a series of solo piano recordings for my website that featured music-video-like effects: different camera angles, quick fades, and both audio and video edits. Willy was patient throughout the entire process, and the videos turned out just as I wished them. I would recommend Willy to anyone looking for a creative, dependable, astute engineer."


Clare Longendyke, Pianist




"Willy has recorded my recitals in multiple occasions. His perfectionism is what really sets him apart from other sound engineers. The equipment he uses is always of the highest quality and his deep knowledge of acoustics combined with his experience as a performer renders him a unique asset of Indiana University."


Andreas Foivos Apostolou, Composer and Pianist




"Willy is so great to work with! He knows his stuff and has a wonderful attitude. I always enjoyed having him record my recitals and prescreenings because he brought such a positive and calming energy to the room."


Synthia Steiman, Soprano




"Willy's work is extremely reliable and flexible. He is very patient, passionate and enthusiastic towards what he does, you can tell that by the way he explains the various options he has to offer. The color in his videos is truly something special. I'm very glad I got to work with him!"


           Itai Agmon, Principal tuba, Minnesota Opera




"Willy recorded two of my concerts in Bloomington, Indiana and it was a real delight working with him on those projects. He is very professional, reliable and passionate about what he does and the fact that he uses some of the best recording equipment out there, makes the final product extremely satisfying. I warmly recommend him."


Tal Samuel, Orchestral Conductor




"I have collaborated with Willy on several projects and all have been such gratifying experiences. He is just as passionate as I was about getting the perfect acoustic and sound to make my works come to life. He sat and worked with me to get the ideal recording and video of my pieces. He does it all: voices, chamber ensembles, orchestra and realizes that each ensemble require different procedures and treatment. His videos are top notch and recordings are stunning. He is an artist and a collaborator and that makes the best recipe for success!"


Matthew Recio, Composer




"I am fortunate to have worked with Willy on three separate recordings. For each I’ve been THRILLED with the high audio quality and sharp imagery, not to mention a swift, orderly delivery of files. When working with Willy, it doesn’t just end at state-of-the-art equipment and a great audiovisual outcome. His expert recommendations help the (notoriously stressful) recording process go smoothly, and I’ve found him to be nothing but helpful and attentive. Five stars!"


Emily Jones, Violist



"After hiring Willy on multiple occasions to record my concerts, I must say that his work has always been extraordinary. His top-notch equipment, deliverance reliability and expert advice will make sure your recordings are of the highest possible quality. On the personal side, Willy is an extremely kind and good-hearted person, very easy to work with and, even in the most stressful of times, always ready to share an honest and comforting smile with you. Highly recommendable!"


Javier Arrebola, Pianist and Scholar



"Willy captured my junior flute recital so beautifully, both video and audio absolutely flawless. I highly recommend his services to those who are looking for not only exceptional quality, but incredibly affordable rates."


Rachel Rodgers, Flutist